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First manager paid by none

Written By Hema Nimbekar on गुरुवार, 21 अप्रैल 2011 | 3:28 pm

Once upon a time when GOD already created the Earth
He created water to drink, sun to light and air to breath
then he created plants, animals and all other beautiful nature
He took a break while he wanted to make his best creature

He was tired He just for fun gave all his emotions, values and brain
He thought its enough time for that break and back to his work again
He make its best creature and named all it human who live in his world with peace
after that he turned to his other creation which he make in break is really a masterpiece
He take a look and smile over it as he just sight his most beautiful, stunning and best production
He knew it he can't make it over again and again that's why he introduced new concept of reproduction

His masterpiece is indeed a masterpiece but the other creature of its own doesn't know how to treat her
they think she is a GOD gift for them to have a fun, they can use her as they want to so they take her
the man took the woman and greet her as his wife,
he promised GOD that she will be with him for his whole life
he promised to care of her, love her, understand her and never to be harsh with her
first he take care of her as he promised he is always busy to treat her and fun with her

GOD was confused that He make human to take care of his whole world
But human is always busy with the Gift GOD has gifted to him as a award
Now he wanted to add some business in this world
he ask to all to be managed and organized his world
Man was asked too but he is busy in his own work
Woman listen the GOD and say yes for that work
She asked to be a first manager and the man's bosses
she said yes and proudly accepted all the Gain and Loses

GOD make man to be her labour
she can ask to man for her any favour
but she already fallen in love of her man
how can she ask a favour from her man
she has to do all her stuff's her own
so she ask her man to go and earn

man go to forest to find some food but he was always busy to see all the world and explored it more
she worked whole day she washing, cooking, child caring, farming, petting, water fetching and more
when man came with little food he earned by exploring the world
she was the happiest one to know how hard her man has worked
she ask him to take a rest after they had some talk, drink and food
but he never ask her what she had done and he never in that of mood

she knew she has to manage it herself with out asking him to do so
becoz he already say no to GOD he never can organize manage the same though
she know she is not gaining anything except the pain
but she is happy when he loved her for his own fun gain
she never complaint it as she knew she can't complaint to anybody
she herself took initiative to be manager she ask him when he is ready

but he never ready to be asked even when he is to be asked he said
he is not here to do all these things he has to be in that outside world
he said to her that she is gentle, she is beautiful she has to be in his careness
there is nothing in outside world for her as he knew it is nothing a selfishness
he doesn't want to loose his freedom, his enjoyment, his adventurousness
he just say to her that she is too soft, gentle and tendered to be seen all that harshness

Is really a woman is too weak as she looked
No she is much stronger in inner as she tooked
GOD knows what she faced what she has done
since from starting She is the first manager paid by none

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Dr. shyam gupta ने कहा…

पोस्ट हिन्दी में होनी चाहिये....

----स्त्री-पुरुष दोनों ही बराबर के मेनेजर हैं...बराबर कार्य करते हैं, यह एकान्गी कथा है...

Hema Nimbekar ने कहा…

dhanyavaad...aapke vichar ote kar liye gaye hai...haan stri aur purush dono hi barabar manager hai...magar yeh poem/kavita bas humein ye bata rahi hai ki stri hi aisi manager hai jise aksar yehi sun ne ko milta hai..."ki tum ghar baithi karti kya ho"... with out any word of appreciation she still manage the house perfectly......thats y she is the first manager paid by none..

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Thanks for your valuable comment.